Is a HARO Link Building Service Worth It?

One way to increase traffic to your website or attract more customers to your online business is through link building. Using link-building services will give your business the awareness it needs to draw in more customers. Services like HARO, meaning Help a Reporter Out, has helped many small businesses in this area.

HARO connects professionals with journalists, and this way, the two help each other. While the journalist publishes a query for their upcoming story, the experts receive this query as an email and respond so they can be featured in the published article. Although the aim of HARO was to help reporters, link building came as a bonus to brand owners and businesses. HARO may not be perfect in the sense that there is no guarantee that your pitch to reporters will always get a response, but is it worth it?

Benefits of a HARO Link Building Service

If you want to know whether HARO is worth subscribing to, let us look at some of the benefits business owners stand to get from this link-building service.

Excellent Marketing and PR Tool

HARO can be a great marketing tool for your business. When you have articles written about your business, you can set up a special page on your website to link all the articles published about your business. It can open opportunities for journalists or local reporters to contact you for interviews on TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Online Podcasts.

Brand Visibility and Awareness 

Link building generally improves your SEO ranking on search engines. When you build links through quality content published on third-party sites [1], you get increased metrics on your website with the backlinks. This will also improve brand visibility and awareness online.

Increased Revenue Opportunities and Sales

Link building with HARO will help drive more traffic to your website. You will get a higher ranking on search engines, and your website will appear at the top in relevant search results. This opens opportunities as the exposure gives you more access to potential customers to be led to your business.

You Become An Authority In Your Niche

When journalists cite you as an authority or direct readers to your business for solutions, it brings you to the forefront of your expertise. You will experience more sales as people trust you and your business gains more credibility. 

Continuous Source Of Referral Traffic

The articles published by reporters will always be there for reference. Even as the years go by, the backlinks will continue to generate more traffic to your business. The benefit of building links with HARO is a long-term benefit. Your website will continue getting traffic from external sources.

So, should you hire a HARO Link Building Service?

Yes. Now that you know the benefits HARO brings to your business, you can tell that it will be worth especially in the long run. HARO is a smart way to build your business or brand. However, it can be time-consuming if you try to do it by yourself. There are a lot of things to keep in mind and best practices to execute. But by delegating this task to a HARO link building service, you’d have more peace of mind because you’re working with someone with experience and results already. Plus, it’s another thing you can take off your daily to-do list.

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